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About The Firm

About Us

We are an experienced and talented firm dedicated to providing comprehensive design and planning services for Architecture and Design projects such as custom homes, offices, villas, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, brand design and more.


In 2005, Meghna Gill, started the firm in order to express through design the sum total of experiences and dialogue with people and spaces over the course of her practice. The ideology of the firm is open, free-spirited and at the same time professional and committed to quality in design; and this is reflected in our work.


We seek to work with clients who share the commitment to quality; and to foster the development of long-term relationships based on the trust we earn

Design Philosophy

Our core belief is that : Both form and function are interwoven. The aesthetic experience is a part of the function of architecture. As such, both aspects are given equal and due importance in our work.


Architecture and design influences the world and moulds the life of the occupants. Our philosophy is centred in logic, beauty, humanism and sustainability and most of all - around the clients' preferences, requirements, desires and aspirations.


In the current world scenario of energy deficiency, shortage of resources, climate change, concerns with global warming, environmental degradation, waste generation and more, we take the idea of sustainability very seriously and strive to minimise the carbon footprint of every project to the extent possible and we are pleased to say that our clients have shared this belief and encouraged this ideology in their own projects.


Our endeavour is to achieve designs that are pleasing to the soul, using materials that are healthy and non-toxic to the users, that take less from nature and give back more - designs that are suitable to the context and adaptable to present and future use.

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