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Concrete Building


Our first step towards a solution is to listen, intently;

  •   to the client

  •   to the brief

  •   to the space

  •   to the physical, social, cultural, economical and physical demands and compulsions of the space


               and after doing this……


               ……  to imbibe the above in the solution.


This is the most important aspect of the creative process. We believe that unless the problem is completely understood, attempting to provide a solution is pointless.


Understanding the programme and understanding the site leads us to the right solution.


We are a process-oriented firm and contrary to the belief that processes are limiting and are not for creative people, we find processes to be liberating. Once the path is set, following it frees the mind.


Our process-based methodology is the key factor in our successful and timely completion of projects as also to our success in maintaining healthy professional relationships with informed clients.

Our Services

Yellow Frame Windows
Architecture Design
  • All architecture design services

  • Commercial Building design

  • Bungalow Designs

  • Second home schemes

  • Apartment buildings and apartment complexes

  • Restoration of heritage buildings

  • Landscape layouts

Worli Residence_02.jpg
Interior & Exhibition Design 
  • Apartment Interiors

  • Offices

  • Retail Design

  • Bungalow interiors

  • Hotel Design

  • Exhibition Design

Recycled Lamps
Furniture & Accessory Design
  • Custom furniture design to suit the interiors

  • Standalone furniture pieces

  • Design for light fittings

  • Custom accessory design

  • Textile & soft furnishing design

Farm Logo 10
Brand Graphics & Website Design
  • Brand Identity

  • Logos

  • Signage 

  • Graphics

  • Stationery

  • Website

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